Our New Master Bathroom is Amazing with the Glass Shower Enclosure

We used to have a tub with a shower curtain in the so-called master bathroom in our house. The toilet was a small one that made you feel like you were sitting on the floor when you used it. The sink had an old wooden vanity underneath it that had seen better days. When we did the remodeling, we picked all new stuff that took us out of the Dark Ages of indoor plumbing. We got our enclosure from a place that does shower doors in Union County NJ. It is all glass instead of having wooden walls covered with tile on the inside and drywall on the outside.

We did not want to go from one booth to another one. That is how the tub and shower curtain felt. It kind of reminded me of the voting booths we have at the town hall. You climb in, close a curtain and vote on the machine. The shower was not much bigger. Our new shower is custom built. There is no tub. The floor is tiled and has a special drain made so no raised edge is needed to trap water. Then the glass shower enclosure surrounds the space. It is really nice. We have a nice bright light above the shower. The old one was dark. Once you closed that curtain, it cut off most of the light coming from the ceiling light in the center of the bathroom. Now we have plenty of light and even a heater built into the ceiling.

The new shower enclosure combined with the amazing shower head makes me feel like I am bathing under a waterfall on my own tropical island. It is really a nice experience to shower in the morning before work now. It gives me a few minutes of peace and relaxation. I enjoy it more than I did soaking in the old tub. Now our bathroom has both a nice shower enclosure and a tub.

We Are Saving Money by Living Together

My brother and I both work long hours, and we don’t spend a lot of time at home because of it. We were both renting apartments and realized that we were wasting a lot of money by having our own apartments rather than sharing the cost and just having one apartment between the two of us. Neither of us are really home other than to eat and sleep, so we started looking at apartments in Draper to see if it would be better for the two of us to go in together on an apartment.

As soon as I saw the apartments at Beacon Hill, I knew that they were the right ones for us. The rooms are nice and large, and the one that I was looking at has two bedrooms and each one has a full bath. The rent is just a bit more than what I was paying for a single room apartment, but we are halving the cost of not only the apartment but also the utilities. The really neat thing about getting this apartment together is that we are going to end up having even more at a lower cost for each of us because of the apartment and community amenities.

There is a nice pool, a fitness center, and enough parking for everyone if we have friends over. When I showed the information about the apartment to my brother and showed him how much we would each save every month, he agreed with me that it would be in our best interest to go in on this together. We were able to apply for the apartment online, and it did not take long before they told us that we were able to move in. It is nice having more room and having a bit more money in my bank account every month since we did this.

Drenaje linfático

El Drenaje Linfático Manual es una técnica de fisioterapia no invasiva, que consiste en una serie de maniobras, suaves, rítmicas y ordenadas que consiguen llevar la linfa estancada a sus canales. Más detalles sobre el DLM en: http://www.claranebot.es/content/drenaje-linfático El Discover A Lot More

Masaje Shiatsu

Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy Masaje Shiatsu · Música para Sanar el Alma Limpiar los Chakras – Canciones para Sanar el Alma y Crear la Paz Interior, Sonidos de Curacion ℗ 2016 Green New Age Released on: 2016-05-05 Composer: Discover A Lot More