Celebrating a Year at the Apartment

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my one year anniversary of moving into my apartment. I found the apartment at http://knoxvillepointe.com and from that moment on, it was history. Moving into the apartment was a special day for me, because it was the first apartment that I owned. To celebrate, I thought it would be a good idea to have a pool party, since there was a large pool available for the residents at the apartment. I talked to all of the other residents at the apartment complex to let them know that I would be having a party and that they would all be invited.

I went to a party supply store near the apartments to buy everything for the party, except for the food, which I got from a local grocery store. My friends helped me set up for the party. On the day of the party, everyone showed up, ready to play in the water and have a good time. I got a custom cake made for the party. The cake was in the shape of the apartment complex. When the guests saw it, they were all shocked at how well it was made. Of course they thought it was tasty too.

A couple of people at the party suggested that I should make the party a yearly occurrence. I hadn’t though about doing it every year. I did have a good time at the party, but a lot of time, work, and money went into setting it up. I think I might let someone else do it next year. It would be nice to just show up to a party without having to put any thought into what the party will be about and how it will turn out. It would be interesting to see what kind of cake someone else can get.