Got Us a Place out in the Country

We moved out of Chapel Hill last weekend, something we had been planning ever since I started going into semi retirement. We bought us a little farm that backs up to Kerr Reservoir or as they call it up in Virginia Buggs Island. In fact this place is about an hour North of Hillsborough by road, but you could get in a boat and get there in about a quarter of that time. We hooked up the directv this morning and worked on getting the wireless internet working. That seemed a bit hopeless when we started planning this, but they have a wireless internet service which covers most of the populated areas of North Carolina and this place is able to get the signal, if you boost it with a hot spot (I think that is what you call the thing). We wanted to get a good boat dock built, but I guess they do not allow that and at any rate it seems that no one can predict how they are going to raise the water level up and down. In other reservoirs you are more of a priority than you are here. On Smith Mountain Lake for example there are tons of suburbs along the shores of the lake and areas where you have houses that must be worth five million dollars one by the other. The tourism and the property taxes are really important and so they try to accommodate the people who live on the water and the ones who make their living of the people who live there. On Kerr reservoir it is about power generation and the water for the population centers that use it, so they really do not care if I want a boat dock that is where I left it that morning.