What is the Best Type of DVR You Can Get?

In fact by that I am talking big picture. There are a lot of things to consider I guess. I was looking at the one that you can get with a direct TV system and it looks pretty good from what I can tell. They talk about it on this site http://direct-satellite-tv.com/directv-genie.html and at a lot of other places you can find on the web. It Is not that surprising that they make a good system since they are a nation wide system which you can get at literally almost any address in the USA. It is surprising to me the DVR I have from Time Warner is so lame to tell the truth. They are not really giving you much space, especially if you want to record a movie that is in High Def. They really only hold about fifteen hours of High Definition and for me that is not very good.

The truth is I might go all week and miss all of my TV shows. Then come the weekend I will have a lazy Sunday when there is no football and I would sit and watch the stuff I recorded all week long. Some of the time I am watching shows that other people saw a week before. So I might watch one episode and then immediately realize that the next show is already on my DVR. In fact you have to make plans pretty carefully if you want to do things in an ordered way. I just am not very happy with the system they have or with Time Warner in so far as they are much more expensive than I really believe that they should be. I have to figure out where I get the internet if I switch from Time Warner to Satellite. I think I might be able to get U verse.