An Apartment Complex for Families

I have two young children, but it is not as hard as some people might think it is since I am a single parent. I work from home, which makes it so much easier. I did hit a snag a few months ago, but it ended up being one of those things where life turned out better for it. We were living in an apartment that sustained a lot of water damage from a burst pipe. We had to look at apartments in Hattiesburg Mississippi because there was no way we could live there because of the damage.

Thankfully, I had renter’s insurance, so I was able to get new furniture as well as other things. I still had to find a new apartment though. I thought it would take a while, but it was easier than I thought it would be. I looked at three bedroom apartments first. Even though my two kids share a bedroom right now, I knew that they would not always want to do that. I figured I would look for a three bedroom now rather than hear fighting in a couple of years. When they saw the apartment that I was looking at, they told me that they would each take their own room now, so it worked out.

The nice thing is that there is a really nice playground at this new apartment complex. There is also a small theater where two dozen people can watch a film together, a nice swimming pool, and a large lake that people can walk around. It is also a place where pets are allowed, which is something the girls have been wanting but we never could before. Life definitely threw me lemons a few months ago, but I made some delicious lemonade from it. The girls love it here, and I know that we are not moving again anytime soon.