The Benefits of Packaging Boxes in Philadelphia

benefits of packaging boxes

Cardboard boxes provide an inexpensive solution for protecting and transporting products, while being easy to store. Custom graphics can even be added.

Custom-sized packaging solutions can reduce waste, cut carbon emissions when shipping in Philadelphia, and decrease storage costs by saving space.


Eco-friendly packaging boxes are an effective way to protect products while meeting government regulations, while simultaneously helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint and attract more customers. Not only is eco-friendly packaging more cost effective, it requires less energy when shipping to retailers or end-users – saving on shipping costs as a result!

Cardboard is a natural, sustainable material that’s biodegradable and recyclable, requiring minimal oil use and CO2 emissions during production, decomposing within one year, thereby decreasing waste generation.

Consumers are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of their purchases. A recent study from Environment + Energy Leader showed that 75% of them would pay more for brands committed to sustainability.


Cardboard boxes are durable, affordable and recyclable packaging options. Plus they make for great printing/customization opportunities to help businesses brand themselves while saving on packaging costs. Furthermore, cardboard boxes are easy to transport and stack together seamlessly!

Boxes can experience various forms of damage, with characteristics that help withstand one kind having no impact on preventing another. As such, it can be challenging to assess their overall durability; however, an easy formula exists for measuring their compressive strength.

ECT tests measure corrugated board stiffness when standing upright in its intended position. Many shippers of palletized freight prefer selecting boxes based on their ECT ratings, which more directly depict stacking strength – an advantage over choosing them solely based on flexural stiffnesses which can be more complex.


Cardboard boxes offer businesses a cost-effective packaging option at a great value, suitable for many different kinds of products due to their low price point and great stability when packed. Furthermore, they’re easily portable between locations.

Reusable packaging costs may be offset by savings in other areas associated with supply chain costs. For instance, when companies use reusable plastic crates to distribute fruit and vegetables they save money in transportation costs and labour when compared with systems using cardboard boxes.

But it is also essential to consider the upfront costs associated with sustainable materials when making decisions regarding packaging material choices. Cheap packaging may end up more costly in the long run due to increased costs related to slow packing times, damaged goods and inefficient transit (ie shipping extra void fill). A custom box may help decrease these expenses by providing ample room for products.


Many packaging companies prefer cardboard boxes because of their lightweight nature and ease of printing, making them the ideal material for shipping and e-commerce packages. Cardboard packaging also reduces the need for fillers such as Styrofoam packing peanuts or air pillows – although popping bubble wrap may be fun to do, these fillers don’t add visual appeal and give your product a premium feel.

Convenience is a critical element of customer experience and brand image. By creating products with convenience in mind, brands can increase product value while simultaneously increasing customer retention. Beverage brands, for instance, are now creating paper-based solutions that make their products easy for consumers to carry – such as handles on beer cartons or fasteners that mimic six-pack rings – something beverage brands often fail to do effectively.


Custom packaging boxes can be tailored specifically to the size and shape of your product, reducing waste while saving money on materials and shipping costs. Furthermore, using smaller packaging means less weight will add to the package, leading to lower postage rates for deliveries.

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Custom packaging boxes can also be an effective way of building brand recognition and increasing customer trust for your business. Customized boxes featuring your logo or other details that help customers identify with and trust the brand can lead to increased sales for your company and create more customers for future transactions.

Experience is at the core of every successful business strategy. When customers enjoy your products, they will share their positive opinion with others and build long-term loyalty to your company.