Started on My Next Project This Morning

For the past couple of weeks I have been doing my best to get started on my next project, but stuff keeps coming up. For example this this morning I had to deal with this problem cause by one of the programmers playing around on this web page. It was some site that said something like plane games 365 and he was doing some sort of weird stuff on there. At any rate whatever he did started giving up us feedback in the system and we spent a couple of hours trying to diagnose it. Of course it was just a bunch of garbage that got swallowed up in the wash. None of it I really had any effect. Once we figured out what was going on we just deleted the problem and we were fine, but for a couple of hours we thought that there was something seriously wrong with our code.

Of course Mr. White is not happy with the guy who was playing the game. Of course we pay that guy whole lot of money to think about our problems an nothing is spent on him creating more problems for us. So we expect him to try to do his job pretty much and that is not what the guy was doing. He was making a whole lot of money and doing nothing except killing time. It was the sort of thing you could expect from high school kids. This guy is a good programmer too, but he just does not seem to care much about this job. I am guessing he thinks that if we fire him he can find another job pretty easy and the funny thing is that he is probably right. If you can really program people will put up with stuff like this.

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