Where to Find Animal Communication Courses in Bukit Panjang SG

where to find animal communication courses

Animal Communication is an inborn ability. Learn their silent language in an enjoyable, hands-on course!

Communicate telepathically with 10 animals during live classes in Bukit Panjang SG and receive immediate feedback and confirmation that your communication was received by them. Joan will review your progress so your experience is tailored specifically for you.


Communication between animals and people can strengthen human-animal bonds while helping resolve problems such as illness, behavioral issues, or death. It has proven useful in professional settings such as shelters, farms, grooming services and pet shops; even aiding search efforts for lost pets!

Learning animal communication takes practice and an attentive eye, along with the ability to interpret subtle signals. This can be accomplished via vocalization, body language, telepathy or chemical signaling (such as pheromones). Furthermore, animal communication can deepen spiritual ties and foster empathy between you and the animals around you.

Scholistico provides students enrolled in online courses with access to an abundance of learning resources, including access to instructors with expertise in their subject area. This ensures course material remains pertinent and helps develop both knowledge and practical skills relevant to their topic area. In addition, it offers an international network of learners for discussion purposes as well as peer-to-peer interactions.


The Animal Communicator Academy is an online training program offering comprehensive animal communication training. Its ten straightforward modules walk students through all the necessary steps needed to become successful animal communicators, with opportunities to practice communicating with other people’s animals as well as receiving expert guidance from a master animal communicator.

Susan is an experienced animal communication instructor. Her courses span beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes for all skill levels – she specializes in teaching students to use their intuition to connect with animals and heal them using communication telepathically. Susan believes interspecies communication should become part of everyone’s daily lives naturally.

The Animal Communicator Academy is recognized by IPHM and CMA, offering courses both online and in person. Visit its website to gain more information. It even features an IPHM-accredited Training Provider search feature!


Discover telepathic communication with animals by exploring your ability to connect on an emotional, spiritual, and energetic level with them. Gaining a greater insight into their soul contracts and why they came here will give you insight into who your soul mate really is; plus expand your intuition under guidance of expert animal communicator Susan Morse will aid your journey!

Susan offers in-person animal with communication certification course singapore for those seeking to develop their interspecies communication skills and one-on-one mentoring, and believes interspecies communication should become part of everyday life, benefitting both humans and animals alike.

Pea Horsley is an approachable, warm and accessible animal communication specialist. Her spiritual approach adds depth and meaning to reconnecting with animals and nature while championing values such as reverence, compassion and kindness in today’s fast-paced society.

Other Organizations

Penelope is a pioneer in interspecies telepathic communication – a discipline she coined herself. A best-selling author and founder of Animal Communicator Academy as well as editor of Species Link magazine, Penelope also works closely with animal charities worldwide to foster mutual respect between people and animals.

She brings an approachable, warm and engaging style of animal communication. As an avid lover of nature, she emphasizes embracing all forms of nature and connecting closely to it.

Animal communication can help all types of animal lovers better understand the animal they love and improve relationships between you both. From pet owners, trainers/handlers, shelter workers and veterinarians to shelter workers and those simply interested in animals themselves – animal communication offers invaluable benefits in understanding animals better, improving relationships and addressing behavioral issues while uncovering health issues and discovering end-of-life wishes of animals. There are four main forms of animal communication – verbal, nonverbal, telepathic and chemical; three involve sound while the last two use scent markings/body language as the form of communication.