How to Select a Kiosk Manufacturer

kiosk manufacturer

Experience is a big factor when selecting a kiosk manufacturer. You should consider how long the company has been in business and whether the experience matches up with the industry of your business. When asking for references, be stern. If a company refuses to provide these, chances are, they are not reliable. It is best to choose a kiosk manufacturer that has a proven track record in your industry. In this article, we will discuss TEAMSable POS, Peerless-AV, Howard Interactive, and SlabbKiosks.


TEAMSable POS kiosks are Android-based. They include barcode scanners, printers, and capacitative touch screens. They also offer payment processing through Datacap, using VP3300 chip technology from ID Tech. The RM Series devices have Cortex A17 processors and quad-core (RK3288) processors. The latest TEAMSable POS systems run on Android 8.1.

TEAMSable is a leading POS kiosk manufacturer with a broad range of offerings to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. They supply complete POS systems and hardware solutions to businesses across a variety of verticals. Other services they provide include OEM and ODM services and project-based opportunities. Here are some of the benefits of working with TEAMSable:


The Peerless-AV kiosk manufacturer offers innovative retail solutions to meet the needs of any business. Their award-winning products include outdoor displays, kiosk solutions, digital signage mounts, and wireless systems. Peerless-AV kiosks are low-profile, sleek, and customized to fit the needs of any client. Custom colours and vinyl wrapping are available to fit your branding needs. You can also sell advertising space on these kiosks.

Peerless-AV kiosks are an excellent choice to replace dated signage, as they are designed with ultra-thin displays. They can be installed in a variety of locations, including hotel lobby, corporate campus, hospital, or shopping mall. These kiosks offer the versatility to integrate interactive content to drive sales and brand recognition. Whether you’re using them to display advertisements, promote a product or engage your audience, Peerless-AV kiosks are the perfect solution.

Howard Interactive

A quality kiosk from a trusted Howard Interactive kiosk manufacturer can connect users at anytime, anywhere, and help your business establish a modern company identity. These modern interactive kiosks are ideal for a wide variety of commercial, government, and health applications. Their user-friendly designs and superior technology will improve your business’s customer satisfaction, lower overhead costs, and increase your profits. Let us take a look at what makes Howard Interactive kiosks stand out from the competition.

Antimicrobial Displays: The patented coating of Howard’s Antimicrobial Displays prevents bacteria from growing on its surface for up to 24 hours. Howard Interactive Kiosks are also equipped with UV-C technology, preventing germ transmission and the growth of bacteria and viruses. The kiosks are available with UV-C encapsulation kits and ballasts for LED lights and light bulbs. Some Howard interactive kiosks include hand sanitizer vending machines, which are equipped with adjustable product trays and a bill acceptor.


If you’re looking for a self-service kiosk manufacturer, you’ve come to the right place. SlabbKiosks is one of the leading names in digital signage and kiosk manufacturing. Its product line features a wide variety of services and products, and their company’s color palette is blue and gray. In addition to gray and blue, SlabbKiosks also specializes in custom kiosk designs for any purpose.

SlabbKiosks, a kiosk manufacturer and distributor based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is an example of an international brand. Its products have been installed in thousands of locations worldwide, and their customer base includes a wide range of industries. In addition, SlabbKiosks provides their kiosks at a very reasonable cost. Here are some of the benefits of a SlabbKiosks kiosk.

Fabcon Creative

If you’re looking for a top quality kiosk manufacturer, consider Fabcon Creative. This company’s state-of-the-art facility houses a variety of modern machinery and seasoned craftsmen. They specialize in metal, acrylic, plastic, wood, and more. Their facility also offers a complete painting facility and silk screen graphics. Their engineering department is highly experienced and able to assist you with the design and engineering aspects of your project.

Fabcon’s capabilities include custom fabrication, custom design and custom programming, and manufacturing proprietary equipment and imaging systems. They can also manufacture aftermarket OEM parts and offer full turnkey manufacturing services. They can manufacture kiosks for any type of business, from restaurants to retail stores. And because they specialize in kiosk manufacturing and customization, they can help you with any project – from a simple menu board to a retail fixture. You’ll be happy you chose Fabcon Creative as your kiosk manufacturer!