Covering Up a Tattoo I No Longer Wanted

When I decided I wanted to look into tattoo sleeves, I decided to first look online. I already had a couple of tattoos on my left arm, but they were not ones that I wanted anymore. I was foolish one night and had my girlfriend’s name tattooed on my arm along with a couple of hearts. The irony of that is that the tattoo would have definitely lasted longer than my relationship with her since she broke up with me not even two months later.

I had looked into getting both removed, but I realized that I could take care of the problem even better with a sleeve instead. Thankfully, her name is short, and it was done in such an intricate font that it would be easy to design another tattoo around it. I had been thinking of different tattoos, and I finally went online to get some ideas. That is the best decision I had made in a very long time, because it did not take me long to find the one that I wanted to get. As soon as I saw the sleeve that had a wolf howling underneath a tree that was underneath a full moon, I knew it was the one that I wanted to have.

The really great thing about this is that the tattooist did not have to figure out a way to weave her name into a design. It was just part of the grass, which was a solid black color. Her name along with the hearts was completely covered up by the sleeve design, and the entire tattoo looks so much better than what was there before. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it too, and the tattoo artist who did it has had a few more customers because of the great work he did.