The Pain of Loss in EVE Online

Streaming as a gamer has become an entirely new industry, breaking ground with the help and the likes of YouTube. Of course, it spawned from a place disconnected even from that itself; G4TV and the original TechTV, where shows used to show case other gamers playing MMOs and tournaments alike. Now with Twitch beginning to help pave the way for the future of streaming games and services like helping those same streamers find their own success by providing viewers and views alike. It helped me gain a foothold when I switched over from YouTube which I have been incredibly grateful for.

With luck, I’ve been successful. Who knew that streaming Eve Online would gain so much attention; sure, I might be one of the more well known pirates in the game who has a way of utilizing a bit of flair whenever I go out into the 0.0. I don’t like just pouncing on the unsuspecting prey that dares to come out into this lawless section of space that I claim as my own; no, I want to make it a show. I want them to be paranoid, I want to the people at home to see what a real pirate is like.

A real pirate is ruthless but charming; a real pirate let’s his victim know that it’s not personal but between them but it is personal for myself – my ego is on the line here, my reputation is at stake. They’re just unlucky enough to be in the middle of my sights. I like to cruise around the rare asteroids waiting for a crew of miners to come in and try their luck at a big score and after they’ve filled up their cargo and mining holds, that’s when I strike, ensuring that they feel the pain of loss.