Smart Printing Tips That You Should Apply To Create Quality Works

Do you know that printing is not only for people who are technologically savvy? In fact, printing also involves many common people who have not even learned how to use a computer or a printer. So, in other words, the typical person should learn a number of things before he could use 3D printers without so much trouble. This is why 3D printing tips would be very beneficial to everyone who would want to get into this kind of service. Here are some reasons why 3D printing tips are very important for beginners.

printing tips

The first reason why it’s important for beginners to thoroughly read through a number of 3D printing tips to get a good grasp of the complicated nature of 3D printing is the more complicated nature of 3D printing as compared to other printing technologies. To put it simply, printing is not just about producing photos or images but rather it deals with manufacturing intricate objects by using a combination of laser, ink and technology. The nature of this printing technology makes it difficult to predict what would be the final object produced by using the three elements. For example, if you look at a photo of a wine bottle, you will notice that it has numerous layers of plastic resin on top of one another. When you add the ink onto the resin, you will see that there are still too many layers to finish before you can actually drink the wine.

To complicate the scenario further, there is no way that you can predict what would be the final outcome of the printing process unless you actually look at the photo. Needless to say, this results in the production of very complex prints that often require several attempts to complete. However, the good news is that you can speed up the printing process if you are using high quality materials. Hence, you need to go through some basic printing tips so that you can produce highly professional prints without any hassle. Here are a few simple tricks that can help you make your prints last longer:

Use High Quality Filament – Most modern printers nowadays use polyester or glossy paper as their printing technology. While both of these are excellent printing technologies, polyester often results in faster printing speeds because it is easier to apply colors and the material has more elasticity. On the other hand, although glossy paper produces beautiful looking prints, it is also more prone to paper jamming, blurring and peeling.

Use High Quality Ink Cartridges – Uses high quality ink cartridges ensure top printing speeds. However, it is also necessary for you to apply a primer on the prints before printing them so that the color and vibrancy are uniform all throughout the sheet. Printing tips suggest that you should apply an even layer of ink in order to obtain top quality prints. This helps ensure that the final prints have no blotches and defects. Hence, make sure that you do not use highlighter pen to highlight the print locations.

Know Your Colors – One of the most important printing tips that you need to follow is avoiding printing documents in CMYK color mode. Many people mistakenly think that this printing technology is ideal for printing black and white documents. In actual fact, CMYK prints are not only prone to fade, but they are also prone to having smudges on the prints. This is because of the mechanism used to transfer the image onto the paper. Printing documents in CMYK color mode actually makes the ink spread further, which results in smudges.

Know About Dye Sublimation Technology – There are several printing tips that suggest printing filaments on a coated with plastic. However, this process is a little messy and may require professional assistance in some cases. Other methods do not allow for such intricate printing processes which are why most digital cameras offer coated film-based prints. Apart, from coating, most of these printers use Teflon-coated or coated film sublimation technology. However, there is a disadvantage with Teflon coated prints; they tend to wear off quickly.

Use Of Borderless Printing Technology – It has become quite evident that printing is not only limited to single colors but now you can also print in multi-color as well. It has been said that a good quality printer is one that can produce good quality prints even when they are using dual or triple color printing. A good example of a printer that uses this technology is the HP Color Viewer. With this printing technique, you can create printed pictures or images on any size paper even if they are of high resolution. Furthermore, with so many borders available for printing, it becomes very easy to get borders for your printed papers such as business card, planner pages, envelopes and many more.