Our New Master Bathroom is Amazing with the Glass Shower Enclosure

We used to have a tub with a shower curtain in the so-called master bathroom in our house. The toilet was a small one that made you feel like you were sitting on the floor when you used it. The sink had an old wooden vanity underneath it that had seen better days. When we did the remodeling, we picked all new stuff that took us out of the Dark Ages of indoor plumbing. We got our enclosure from a place that does shower doors in Union County NJ. It is all glass instead of having wooden walls covered with tile on the inside and drywall on the outside.

We did not want to go from one booth to another one. That is how the tub and shower curtain felt. It kind of reminded me of the voting booths we have at the town hall. You climb in, close a curtain and vote on the machine. The shower was not much bigger. Our new shower is custom built. There is no tub. The floor is tiled and has a special drain made so no raised edge is needed to trap water. Then the glass shower enclosure surrounds the space. It is really nice. We have a nice bright light above the shower. The old one was dark. Once you closed that curtain, it cut off most of the light coming from the ceiling light in the center of the bathroom. Now we have plenty of light and even a heater built into the ceiling.

The new shower enclosure combined with the amazing shower head makes me feel like I am bathing under a waterfall on my own tropical island. It is really a nice experience to shower in the morning before work now. It gives me a few minutes of peace and relaxation. I enjoy it more than I did soaking in the old tub. Now our bathroom has both a nice shower enclosure and a tub.