Had to Work to Find a New Place

I pretty much got thrown out of the place where I had been living, but not for any fault of my own. I had been living in this studio apartment not too far from the campus of Portland State, but the place changed hands and the new landlord decided he would run everyone off who had a lease, then get new tenants after he raised the rent by about a third. I was told I had to get rid of my dog, but instead I looked until I found this place, http://www.scottmountainbythebrook.com/ and moved over there. I got a guy from work to go half on it with me, but my name is on the lease. He is having different problems, because his girlfriend just tossed him out. He says that he did nothing wrong, but I am guessing that she had cause. Of course I am not going to date him, so it does not bother me if he is running around with that wild little thing from the mail room. Of course I am not going to be telling on him if he does, which no one would need to be told either. I wish I could have gotten it for less, but I am going to be able to make it. The raise I got at work is really helping me out and I believe that I shall be able to pay off my student loans within a year or thereabouts, which will put me in good shape. By that time I will need to think about getting a new car perhaps, but I shall hope this old Toyota is able to stay on the road for a good long time and not give me any major headaches. It has been a pretty good car no matter how much longer it goes.