Started Working on the Church’s Issues

Jack and Tim and I held a meeting this morning. We have to get started working on the church’s various building issues. I have been talking to a roofing contractor in Brooklyn and we are trying to get them to come down on what they are going to charge to fix that. Of course right now we have buckets catching water in around three or four places. One of the leaks is really quite significant. We had to put a new rubber maid trash can under that leak, because it was leaking hard enough that it was going to over flow the bucket we had there. Of course this is a big pain to deal with and after it rains we have to go up there and empty the buckets out. Of course we made it easy on ourselves by buying a little pump that we use to pull the water out of the big trash can. I just pump it out and let it run down the side of the building.

Of course they have to replace the roof completely this time it seems. The last few times they apparently patched it up, but they do that by adding additional layers of that stuff. Of course each time you put more of that stuff on it that adds weight to the roof and the roof is not going to be able to take more and more weight. At some point you just have to strip off the old stuff and start all over with a new roof. That is what you have to do now and there is not a lot of sense in crying about it. It has to be done and you have to pay the price that it is going to take to get it fixed.