My Brother Moved in with Me

When my brother told me that his wife was leaving him, he decided that he would be the one to move out of their condo. He did not want the kids to be uprooted from their friends and school, and he knew it would be easier on him too to not be around so many memories. I told him to move in with me, but he said my place was too small for all of his things. I sent him an email that told him to click here to check out Store Friendly, which is a storage facility unit that is located just a few miles from me.

I had stored things there before on a temporary basis, and I knew that this company was solid as far as reputation and prices are concerned. While I agreed that the two needed some time apart from one another, I also had a feeling that the two of them were going to be able to work things out. I didn’t want to see him get settled into a new condo where he would have to sign a lease, because that would just be one more obstacle in the two of them working through their problems.

He looked at the storage information on the website address I had sent him, and I could see the wheels finally turning in his brain. He realized that this was the perfect solution, as it would give them both space and privacy, since he would not have to keep going back to their house to get one thing or another. It did not take us long to get a storage unit that was perfect in size for what he needed. He ended up only needing it for a few months before his wife welcomed him back into their home with open arms. It was much easier moving things out of the storage unit rather than a new condo!