New Deals on Internet Packages

I have had to deal with a lot of nonsense with my internet recently, or rather, I should say my internet service provider. Apparently, the cord for my room was mislabeled, and so somebody came to do a connection, or a disconnection, and saw that a cable that was not supposed to have service was connected with internet. When in reality, I was supposed to have the web, they just mislabeled my stuff. It is super frustrating, because I kept getting calls from advanced technical support to ask me if the problem was resolved. I don’t know how these people thought that they were communicating with my modem, since it was in no way connected to their system. The best was when I got a call from some guy in Ireland who was talking some nonsense about signal strength.

Anyway, it took them over a week to come over to my house and fix the problem, and it was super annoying to have to wait that long. I got to thinking about it though, and I deserve better from an ISP so I am going to start to look for whatever else is out there and available in my area. I want to find information on new deals that might be available in my area. I hope to get a good price for a fast internet connection. I am probably going to upgrade my connection to a faster speed than what I currently have, because I am not really satisfied with how fast I can browse the web at the moment. When it comes to a web connection, I have a general rule of thumb, which states that faster is always better. I don’t know what other ISP companies offer service in my area though so that is something I will look up