Companies for New Roof Installation

I just had a pretty tasty meal and I will get to that in a moment. First thing I wanted to talk about in this blog is something work related. We have to get a new roof on the building that I work in. It is kind of a bummer for the budget, because no one saw it coming. We had to hire some company that does commercial roof installation in Middlesex county NJ and they started work today to put a new roof on the building. I am kind of curious what you do when you put a new roof on a building. How do you take the old roof off? Does it come off in segments? Seems like there would be a lot of logistics that go into that.

At the same time, it also seems like there would also be a lo tof logistics into building a new roof. I know that they don’t come pre-made. It would be nice if you could just get a crane and take one roof on and use the crane to put the next roof on. Maybe tighten some stuff down and be done with it. But I know that is not the way it works, and that they have to build these things piece of piece.

Seems like it would be a hard job. Glad I work at a desk job, and not building roofs, but somebody has to do it. Anyway, back to my lunch. I went to his local fastfood chain that only exists in the state where I live and I got this combo with a spicy chicken sandwich, and onion rings, and fries, and a huge sweet tea. It was only like 4 bucks. Super cheap, and super delicious, I love that place but it is probably kind of unhealthy.

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