Started to Look Around for New Job

I am not sure how long it shall take, but there are a lot of jobs in this area. This is a big metropolitan area, between Dallas, Texas and Fort Worth Texas you have a lot of population and there are a lot of jobs. I am mostly looking at this as something where I am not that happy with the guy above me and I am not going to get rid of him. His Dad owns the company and he is going to be the boss after his Dad retires. In truth I am pretty sure that it will end very badly and rather soon after that. This guy just does not have a lot of common sense for starters and he does not know enough to listen to people who know what the score is. So it seems likely to me that pretty soon after he takes over the place things are going to start going to pot.

You have to have a wise man at the rudder, or else you end up striking the rocks. Of course the big thing is the ability to get jobs at a price where you make money and that is not something this guy is any good at. You have to be able to figure out how to bid on jobs so that you have a real balance. There has to be a way that the client gets an advantage and enough of a profit for you to keep your operations going. This guy has no feel for that and of course it is a tough thing to master. You want to make a profit, but you can not be greedy or you shall have no work to do at all. Some of the time you have to take a job just to keep people occupied.