Started Looking for a Place Near A&M

I am going to move down to College Station, but it is not a rush. The college of Texas A & M is going to give me a pretty nice job, but it does not start until the other guy retires at the end of the next semester. I have to go find a place to live and I already went to and figured out which power companies are going to be available to me in College Station TX. You have to pick one Actually I met the guy that I am replacing and he has like months worth of sick days and vacation, so officially he will still be on the job for a long time after I replace him, but every body knows that he is going to be down on the Gulf of Mexico where he has has built a retirement home close to the causeway that leads to South Padre island.

Obviously I would love to find a place that is close to the campus. I have been to college before and even if they promise you a parking place that does not mean that you are going to able to find one in a reasonable time. Working in the administration building you should be able to get a parking spot, but I am not going to take that for granted. I used to ride my bike when I was at TCU, that was the best way to get around so long as it was not storming. So long as the weather is good a bike is the best way to get around in one of these campuses, because they are designed to make it easy for you to get around with a bike and the opposite is true if you have a car and you need to park.