What Is Anchor Packaging?

anchor packaging

Anchor Packaging is a company that manufactures rigid plastic packaging products. It has been in business for 50 years, made several strategic acquisitions, and has a diverse workforce. To learn more about the company, check out its pitchbook profile on the PitchBook Platform. You can also read investor reviews about the company and learn about its products and services.

Anchor Packaging is a manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging products

Anchor Packaging manufactures rigid thermoformed food containers and flexible PVC cling film that are used by restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, food processors, and more. The company uses innovative technology and materials to design and produce products that meet a wide range of specifications, while keeping costs low. Founded in 1963, Anchor Packaging has deep roots in the plastics industry and continues to grow in both its existing and new markets.

Today, rigid packaging is in great demand for a variety of applications, from packaged food to beverage containers. Anchor has grown its business through strategic acquisitions, including the MicroLite division of Amoco and the BonFaire division of Placon Corporation. In addition, in 2012, Anchor acquired Mount Vernon Plastics in Mt Vernon, KY, and in February 2013, it acquired the Anchor Food Packaging facility in Jonesboro, AR. The company also acquired Borden Chemical Argentina, which provided it with a film operation in the South American country. The acquisition helped Anchor enter the European market from its Argentinian location.

It has been in business for 50 years

Anchor Packaging has been in the packaging business for more than 50 years, and is continuing to delight customers by delivering new products and services. The company has a commitment to innovation and sustainability, and it supports a healthy and active lifestyle. Its products can be found in retail stores nationwide, and its products are also popular with consumers who prefer eating fresh foods at home or on the go.

It is one of the largest foodservice packaging companies in the US. It recently broke ground on an expansion of its Paragould facility, creating 45 new jobs in the process. The company currently has six manufacturing facilities in Arkansas and employs approximately 1,100 people in the state. Its first plant opened in Marmaduke in 1985, followed by the Paragould plant in 1990. The company has a unique stock product line of more than 450 rigid containers, and also manufactures foodservice cling films.

It has made several strategic acquisitions

Anchor Packaging LLC is a global innovator of foodservice packaging, with a focus on designing and manufacturing products that have the highest quality and lowest cost. Founded in 1963, Anchor’s core competencies include thermoforming, extrusion, printing, and trim-in-place technology. The company has diversified into new markets and is focused on expanding its existing ones.

Since 1989, Anchor has acquired Innovative Plastics, MicroLite division of Amoco, and BonFaire division of Placon Corporation. In 1998, Anchor purchased the film operation of Borden Chemical in Argentina. Through these acquisitions, Anchor has expanded its global presence and developed a global supply chain. Today, Anchor has two major distribution centers in Jonesboro, AR, and Paragould, AR, with a total of over two million square feet of space. This means that its distribution network can serve its customers better and more efficiently.

It has a diverse workforce

Anchor Packaging is an equal opportunity employer and celebrates diversity. We strive to attract and retain a diverse workforce and provide a supportive and inclusive work environment for all employees. The company has a number of programs to encourage diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Here are some ways to encourage diversity and inclusion at Anchor Packaging.

The average tenure at Anchor Packaging is 3.2 years. About 44% of employees are women, and 56% are men. Only 2% of employees earn a salary between $100k and $200k.

It has a high salary

The salary range at Anchor Packaging varies according to the department, but on average employees earn over $71,000 per year. The organizational functions that pay the least include plant/manufacturing and warehouse. Employees in these functions earn between $31,601 and $37,241 per year.

If you’re considering working for Anchor Packaging, you should know that the company offers a high salary, as well as benefits. For example, you can receive a $1,000 lump sum bonus after 60 days. You can also get an extra $2/hr if you work overtime. The company has three locations in Arkansas, including Jonesboro, Paragould, and Marmaduke. If you’re interested in working for the company, you’ll need to pass a background check and drug test. Depending on the position you’re applying for, you might have to have some experience in scanning or fork lift driving.

It has a low diversity score

When choosing a design, it is important to consider the diversity of target audiences. An effective design should take into account the specific needs of the market, as well as any cultural and social factors that may affect the design. The low diversity score in the anchor packaging design is indicative of an unresolved issue.