Making Some Changes Can Save You over a Thousand Bucks Per Year

I see people pass up a penny on the ground. It is not worth their effort to bend over and pick it up. I still pick them up when I see them. Some people have a threshold for picking up change. It has to be a nickel, dime or quarter for them to do it. Pretty much anyone would chase a dollar in the wind to get it and certainly would for 20 bucks. My money saving philosophy follows my philosophy of picking up pennies-I save where I can. My wife and I went to to find a lower per kilowatt hour rate plan for our home electricity service. We knew we were not going to be saving a fortune every month, but we knew it would add up throughout the year.

If you save $10 per month on something, you save $120 per year. If you can save another $10 on something each month by making better choices, that brings your annual total savings to $240. Have you ever wished you had another couple hundred bucks around the holidays, during your vacation or on a birthday? When my wife and I felt our budget being strained, we rethought and redid everything as far as our finances go. We looked at every obligation and found ways to reduce costs. We were paying for monthly services we did not even use. We were too busy to read the newspaper, and we had three streaming subscriptions for movies and TV shows. We only consistently used one.

We looked at our insurances too. We actually were able to save money on our car insurance, but it was not the happy little lizard that saved us money. It was another company. We saved on our homeowners insurance too. Due to deregulation, we were able to pick other utility suppliers as well. We got a significant reduction on the per kilowatt hour rates for our electricity too. Plus, it was a fixed rate. Not one of those variable ones that can suddenly increase on you. Due to dropping some things and getting reductions in costs for other, overall we are saving over $100 a month. That is $1,200 a year!